AIS/ARPA function

A reliable & efficient navigational aid to maximize safety

Essential tool for safety, the ARPA/AIS tracking function enables you to identify all targets around your ship and anticipate their movements. Detailed information is available by just moving your mouse over the icon such as course, speed, CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and TCPA (Time to Closest Point of Approach).

With TIMEZERO AIS/ARPA function, manage targets through a spreadsheet view displaying all relevant information, define anti-collision alarms according to various criteria and avoid collision by anticipating all movements of surrounding vessels.

TIMEZERO AIS online targets

AIS online targets  (available from April 2016 for recreational versions)

Integrated to all TIMEZERO versions, the AIS/ARPA target tracking function enables you to:

  • Unlimited ARPA/AIS tracks recording.
  • Receive ARPA and AIS information from any NMEA0183 compatible radar or AIS receiver.
  • Manage targets in a list displaying all related information.
  • Set anti-collision alarms according to various criteria.