TIMEZERO PhotoFusion Technology

PhotoFusion function explained

TIMEZERO technology and the PhotoFusion function

PhotoFusion is the intelligent fusion of satellite photos and electronic marine charts that allows displaying the most relevant information simultaneously.

Thanks to TIMEZERO technology, TIMEZERO software has a high-performing and innovative 2D/3D chart engine with an enhanced electronic marine charts display allowing seeing charts seamlessly and continuously.

The PhotoFusion function allows you to overlay data in order to obtain the more realistic field, only displaying the more relevant information:

In land (over sea level), photos are opaque to better display buildings, ports, landmarks, coasts, rocks…

At sea, as depth increases, photos become transparent until only the charts are displayed. 

TIMEZERO between two actions!
The PhotoFusion, a built-in function in all TIMEZERO products, allows an amazing execution and display speed.
You can move around cartography, zoom in and zoom out with the agility and fluidity of the latest videogames, and a very reactive and hyper realistic look and feel. With PhotoFusion, you dive literally into your marine charts thanks to its outstanding zoom effect.

More speed, precision and effectiveness, make the best marine navigation software ergonomics available. TIMEZERO technology brings you a noteworthy comfort of use and an outstanding power to TIMEZERO software. Nautical charts are continuous, movements and zooming are constant and uniform, transitions between charts are transparent and seamless.