TZ Routing Module

Marine navigation software - Routing Module

Navigate safely and efficiently

Like all sailors know, the most direct route isn’t always the best one. TZ Routing Module enables to calculate the optimal sailing route based on weather forecasts, currents, polars of your yacht and your own navigation style.

TZ Routing Module

With TZ Routing Module, the safety of your crew is guaranteed. TIMEZERO routing algorithms based on the isochrones’ method is simple and automated for your maximum comfort.

TIMEZERO routing is the culmination of 25 years of software development in partnership with numerous sailing events around the world. It has been used and tested by the best sailors, but also by thousands of boaters.

With the TIMEZERO technology, the Routing Module goes even further, adding the following features:

  • Waves are now used for routing computation along with wind and currents
  • One click comparison between several routes and animations to evaluate multiple scenarios
  • Option to pass a waypoint, leaving it Port or Starboard during multi waypoint routing computation
  • Alternative Routing

Its use is more intuitive and user-friendly for recreational boaters, while offering multiple setting options for experienced sailors. 

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